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It's time to rekindle old ragnarok memories in Ragnarok Classic! We are here to give you some nostalgia mixed with new things in RO World!
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  • 13/06/2019
  • Server will be up on July 2019!

7v7 Showdown

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Yes, this is it! To those wants to show their talents. Here's your time to shine. You can now register on our event server using _M/_F for the time being.

When: July 04, 2019
Start Time: 8:00PM

- No Creator
- No Job Repeat
- Marc Card Disabled
- Evil Druid Card Disabled
- Frilldora Card Disabled
- Smokie Card Disabled

How To Register:
- Make sure you have available Guild Emblem to use. If yes, send us a private message on our page with the following:

======= SAMPLE =======
Team Name: Classico
- Krypt
- Claude
- Anne
- Luffy
- Levi
- Kagura
- Lord

- Must have event server account ( _M / _F )
- Only PC Players can login on event server
- Instant Job Changer will be available once per character
- Items to use will be available via NPC
- Must be in GUILD. not PARTY. Make sure the guild has 7 members only including the leader.
- You can now create your character but logging in-game is not possible.
- You can setup your character starting 7am tomorrow.
- More Info about the event will be announced once the event starts.
- Live will be available on our facebook page.

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